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“X, The Creator”

By Zion Fitch

Creating and Innovating with passion—17-year-old, Xanayra Marin-Lopez, known as “X, the Creator,” approaches everything with an open mindset.

Whether designing, painting, dancing, or writing, “X, the Creator” lets her art forms speak volumes on aspects far beyond herself. 

“Who I am is what I create” said Xanayra, an upcoming senior at Clinton High School in Clinton, North Carolina.

Since freshman year, Xanayra has run multiple media platforms, co-founded Interact Club at her high school, been a Rotary Youth Leadership Award, and Youth Legislative Assembly delegate, led band student leadership, and her high school color guard team.

On top of all her academic extracurriculars, Xanayra participates in community theater and competitive dance. She has acted in numerous plays including; “The Little Mermaid”, “High School Musical”, “Mary Poppins”, and “Les Misérables.”

Outside of theater and dance, Xanayra spends her free time dabbling in photography and fashion, journaling, and painting. She is also the recipient of the Teen Ink Editor’s Choice Award. Each of these interest and accomplishments echo Xanayra’s unique, artistic, and creative personality.

“If my artwork could speak, it would tell my personal experiences, she said. “It would speak for who I am and where I come from.”

Her odd quirk, is her deep love for an array of documentaries. She deems herself a “documentary junkie” binging several daily. She loves the obscure topics covered from first hand viewpoints.

“I’m fascinated by the amount of knowledge and continued learning documentaries offer she said. “They give a real, upfront, and in-depth look on so many interesting subject matters. I definitely want to make a ton when I’m older.”

Keeping her creative heart in mind, Xanayra aspires to be a CNN journalist or show host, joining the few Latina women among the ranks. She wants to “send out a clear-cut message to the audience,” presenting the truth. She hopes to pave the way for other Latina women, inspiring them to join the field of journalism, adding a missing and much needed perspective.

“I believe I have a purpose in life, “she stated. “I want to give back to my hometown in San Juan, Puerto Rico, because I have an opportunity that most kids there don’t. Education availability there is rare so I would give back to help the lack of educational opportunity there.”

Xanayra’s innovative nature coupled with her desire to inspire shows her limitless potential. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility for “X, The Creator.”

“I hope other people who view themselves as different or unordinary look to me for inspiration,” she said. “I want to turn minority success from an anomaly to an expectation.”